Time has not stopped at the Ukrainian branch

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Despite the problems of the warring country, Valbek UA colleagues continue to work intensively on designing, training and planning the further development of the Kiev

Bc. Lukas Kosovsky: “Perseverance, humility and self-reflection are important in a designer”

What qualities should a good young designer have? Is the workload stressful or is it more about impressive challenges? And is it important for the
Valbek Christmas

Christmas wishes by Valbek

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Dear readers and listeners, Christmas is just around the corner and we would like to thank you, on behalf of the entire VALBEK Group, for

The designer Ing. Jana Kulichová: “Boots will always come in handy”

Kind, sympathetic and riding a wave of good humour. That’s exactly what Ing. Jana Kulichová, who works at Water Management Structures -Valbek, spol. s r.o.

10 years of civil engineering in railway infrastructure: from cable ducts to 3D buildings

When Andrea Štecáková joined Valbek SK (then Prodex) in Košice, she and her colleague laughed at the fact that the visible result of their work

Welcome to public transport in the 21st century: the Trebišov bus and train terminal

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We talked with Mark Popik, the chief engineer of the bus and train terminal project in Trebišov, from Valbek SK, about what public transport can

Valbek in Sweden is growing exponentially

In October 2022, the Valbek branch was opened in Gothenburg. The main goal is to grow up to a strong and respected project branch in

Under the wings of Valbek

Since November 1st, the new company V-OKNA Ltd. has joined the Valbek portfolio. In the past, the company was closely associated with Brex, but management

Valbek wants to enter the Nordic construction design market

The VALBEK Group is expanding its operations in the Nordic region. After expansions in nearby Slovakia and Ukraine, they are now heading to Sweden. A

Foreigners in VALBEK: Work in the Czech Republic is much more comfortable and every problem has a solution

Pracovní prostředí ve skupině VALBEK je mnohde mezinárodní. Cizinci z různých zemí zde získávají cenné zkušenosti ve svém oboru a učí se životu v Česku

Construction and technical fields are not just the domain of men. The successful women of Valbek are proof of that.

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Civil engineering and architecture are fields that are generally perceived by society as more of a male profession. Yet more and more women are entering

About the most beautiful overpass on the modernized D1 and 6 other large implementation projects in Valbek in 2021 with Ing. Jiří Jachan

Last year was an exceptional year for the Bridges and Civil Engineering Studio. In fact, 6 major bridge projects were being implemented simultaneously and the

The pandemic year 2021 did not affect us significantly, VALBEK continues to develop

With the ongoing pandemic and restrictions, some companies have experienced operational or economic problems in 2021. However, this did not apply to VALBEK. She solved

Lukáš Vráblík: Unfortunately, interest in construction fields is falling, especially the more complex ones

Mr. Assoc. Ing. Lukáš Vráblík, Ph.D. he is the head of the department of concrete and masonry constructions at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of

D11 1109 Trutnov – state border CR/PR: The largest building designed in Valbek

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We present an interview with Pavel Šmerda, chief engineer of the D11 1109 Trutnov project. What you will hear most often in the news about

Oleksandr Dudarenko: We see great potential for new contracts in Ukraine

Valbek will also operate in Ukraine from August 2020. It is located in the centre of Kiev. Oleksandr Dudarenko, a young designer who has been

Ondřej Matoušek: segmental concrete structures have a future and their place where they fit

Fly-in concrete, which began to be widely used after the Second World War, is suitable for the construction of bridge structures in inaccessible terrain or

Jan Blažek: How a historical bridge became a drawbridge

The reconstruction of historical bridges has its difficulties. This is multiplied if you are going to change the design concept of the original. And variants

In 25 years in Valbek, I never thought of looking for a job in another company, says Ing. Miroslav Hanžl, the new director of Valbek’s Liberec branch

In 25 years at Valbek, I never thought of looking for a job in another company, says Ing. Miroslav Hanžl, the new director of Valbek's

Valbek celebrates 30 yrs

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VALBEK - EU, a. s. is a recognized European consultant in the field of infrastructure design. This design office focuses on the design of roads,